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   Harbour Master :
   Malcolm Bremner

   Harbour Office
   KW1 5HA

   Tel :  01955 602030
   Fax : 01955 605936

   Office Hours
   Mon-Fri ~ 09:00-17:00


Port Statistics

Chart No. - 1462
Wick and Approaches
: 058° 26.5min N
Long : 003° 04min W

Total Quayage : 1366m
Max Vessel Length : 89m

Depth Alongside
Inner/Outer : - 1.71m CD
River Basin : - 5.00m CD

VHF Radio
Ch16 or Working ch14
During Office Hours
and as required.

Wick Harbour


Having successfully handled turbine towers, nacelles and blades, over the last few years for CAUSEYMIRE WF (21), BILBSTER WF (3), and ACHAIRN WF (3), we anticipate imports during 2012 for CAMSTER WF, and subsequently for STROUPSTER WF, and perhaps BURN OF WHILK WF, WATHEGAR WF, and others at the planning stage, totalling approximately 232 turbines.


Check out these links to see what is planned in the Moray Firth very close to Wick (8 to 20 miles) by two consortia, Beatrice Offshore Wind Ltd (BOWL), and Moray Offshore Renewables Ltd (MORL).

We are following these two developments very closely to try to get a stake in the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contracts for the twenty five year lifetime of the windfarms. Construction of both will involve huge specialist vessels, too big for us, but we see smaller construction vessel support as perfectly feasible.

For all these activities proximity is a vital asset, along with Wick Airport for personnel transfer.

BOWL : http://www.sse.com/beatrice/
MORL : http://www.morayoffshorerenewables.com/

Link to Moray firth Web Map

Mey based ENERGY HUNT will have a small vessel based in Wick from next Spring to carry out their maintenance contract for a few years on a new meteorogical mast to be installed on the MORL site.



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