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Welcome to Wick Harbour

   Harbour Master :
   Malcolm Bremner

   Harbour Office
   KW1 5HA

   Tel :  01955 602030
   Fax : 01955 605936

   Office Hours
   Mon-Fri ~ 09:00-17:00


Port Statistics

Chart No. - 1462
Wick and Approaches
: 058° 26.5min N
Long : 003° 04min W

Total Quayage : 1366m
Max Vessel Length : 85m
(Consult Harbour Master)

Depth Alongside
Inner/Outer : - 1.71m CD
River Basin : - 4.20m CD
River Fairway : - 2.60m CD

VHF Radio
Ch16 or Working ch14
During Office Hours
and as required.

Wick Harbour

Wick Harbour is strategically situated on the northeast tip of mainland Scotland at 58° 26.5' N, and 003° 04' W, and for the last 150 years has provided a safe haven for fishing, commercial, and leisure vessels.

Diversification is now well under way from our traditional fishing activities, with our new Marina facility opened in 2009, and development of wave, tidal, offshore wind, and oil exploration in the Pentland and Moray Firths.

Harbour Revision Order

Wick's Location

The Harbour consists of three basins:- the Inner and Outer Harbours are the main fishing and leisure berths, and the River Harbour is the commercial area.

Wick Harbour from the Air


All the usual shoreside facilities and services are available, backed up by the town services, retailers, leisure and tourist services. The Harbour Office can advise you on detail.

We hope you find our website useful to familiarise yourself with the port and its facilities. If you do require any further information look up the ‘Contacts’ page, get in touch, and we will be pleased to help.

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Wick's Temperature

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